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Premade Book Covers

These are covers already made by me, according to my artistic inspiration, which can be adapted to commercial use. Ideal for authors who do not have a precise graphic project and want to be inspired!


The covers that appear on this page are available. At a favorable price, they can be booked as they appear, and customized in all texts and sizes. Any additions that exceed this basic customization are possible (for example, insert the second and third cover bands, change the subject...), but they will lead to an increase in the price.


LIST 1: 60,00 €

- Alfa

- Deer Witch

- Red Riding Hood

LIST 2: 80,00 €

- Gold Title

- Smoke and Dust

- Green Witch Manual

- The Golden Skull

- The Memory of the Trees

- Omen (€ 190,00 complete trilogy)

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