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Born in the 90s, university student, short and with lots of human friends: Persephone really has a terrible divine curriculum. Mortals don't worship her, Gods don't invite her to their mundane events, and all in all it would be fine for her. Or at least this is what she thinks.

Everything changes when at a conference she meets Hades, God of the dead and old-fashioned gentleman. He too has a heavy burden: three hundred thousand years of age, seven feet tall, at least twenty titles on his name. But he's also the only one who understands Persephone's passion for law subjects, as well as the only one who seems uncomfortable among the other deities as much as her. How couldn't they get along?

They find themselves intertwining their destinies and working together to issue a controversial judgment, collaborating in a trial of souls in the court of the Underworld. And so, halfway between irony and seriousness, fairness and rigor, life and death, this is the (semi) modern reinterpretation of a myth that has never stopped being told.

Come la luna e le stelle COVER EBOOK.jpg


"One day the Gods will beg humans to pray to them, and then you will be Goddess and I will be a slave ."
This is the prophecy of the God Anubis, whispered in the ears of the atheist Catherine, during her short stay in the Temple of Luxor. A prophecy that, at first, the girl does not fully understand. It will take her whole life, all her skepticism and all her heartbeats to reveal its meaning.
This is a novel self-contained spin-off that addresses the issues of polyamory, the passage of time and the heaviness of the soul. It is linked to the main novel "The Judgment of Persephone", which is recommended to be read in advance. Recommended age: 16+

Spin-off of "The Judgment of Persephone"

L'anima dell'acqua COVER EBOOK.jpg


Middle Ages, at the turn of the year 1000. Leuce is a young Oceanine nymph, modest and shy, in accordance with the feminine virtues of her time. As tradition dictates, she is convinced that her whole life has already been written, that her only purpose is to get married and be a good wife. At least until she gets stuck in the Underworld and her whole world turns upside down: no longer a wife but a concubine, by obligation, of a dark God she fears and thinks she detests.
But the reality is that, in the underworld, mortal customs and traditions have never fully taken root. And the king, after all, is not so ruthless. Now Leuce can study, learn, ask questions and receive answers. And find his true vocations.

This is a self-contained novel spin-off that addresses the issues of women's empowerment and the importance of education for women. It is linked to the main novel "The Judgment of Persephone", which is recommended to be read in advance. Recommended age: 16+

Spin-off of "The Judgment of Persephone"

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​Caesar is a professional assassin,  dedicated to work and to the practice of him. He knows what he does, how he has to do it, and he also knows how to find fun in his job. Some might call him crazy, but he is not of the same opinion: he simply knows how to see irony, both in life and in death.
However, when the Congrega to which he is affiliated gives him a new mandate, things go downhill.
It seems like an easy task: to kill a single, young, poor woman ... at least until Caesar  does not look into her eyes, and sees the Void.
Who could want such a seemingly insignificant creature dead? Why does this young woman look so much like the Goddess? But, above all, will Caesar  be able to do his duty, even though her blind eyes hold back his hand?

Autocritica - COVER EBOOK.jpg


Giulia Calligola, age 13, sits at her desk. She doesn't know it yet, but she is about to write the most naive, rambling, and horrifying fantasy book in history. And today the 30-year-old version of the same author is ready to give the world this gem.
Why? Well, because it's hilarious!
Just for the wrong reasons.

This is a parodic fantasy, specifically a self-critique. A book written by a little girl, left as it was, with all the mistakes, naiveté and unintended innuendos; but commented on by the more mature version of the author. In comic guise, of course. An experiment never attempted in the history of publishing (and perhaps with good reason). A great way to laugh together but also to learn how NOT to write a fantasy novel!



Gabriel è un ragazzo normale: diciassette anni, una vita che procede tranquilla, tra famiglia, amici e scuola. La pace, però, non è destinata a durare: quando sua sorella Mariel viene rapita, il mondo inizia a sbiadire, lasciandolo solo, abbandonato in un limbo.

Ma per lui non è la fine: scoprirà, infatti, dell'esistenza di un mondo parallelo, la Terra del Destino, le cui questioni interne determinano guerre o periodi di prosperità nel nostro mondo.
Per riportare l'equilibrio, è necessario ritrovare Mariel. E, così, inizia il lungo viaggio di Gabriel, scortato dai fedeli compagni, Ferybor ed Evanna, attraverso tutta la Terra del Destino. Un viaggio che non è solo fisico, ma anche interiore, alla ricerca del vero significato del Bene e del Male, che nella mente del giovane spesso finiscono per confondersi.
Ma, forse, Bene e Male non sono divisibili: allora i nemici si scoprono misericordiosi, e gli amici non così perfetti.

Volume I - The Game of Destiny



Gabriel, Ferybor and Evanna, on their way to save the young Mariel, have arrived in Nox, the realm of evil wrapped in a cold winter night. The girl, in fact, is still hostage in the hands of the vampire Artemisia and her pack.

Bringing good and evil back into balance will not be easy. It is first of all necessary to face the land of the shadow, in its countless dangers and harsh environments: marshes, steep mountains, rivers and rains with corrosive water, vampires and the undead.

 Nox, however, is not only an enemy land from an environmental point of view: the most dangerous declination of Evil is that which is found in the soul. And here, then, Artemisia, an antagonist who fights with everyone because she feels obliged to do so; Gabriel, who no longer knows which side to choose; his friends, who increasingly end up going against their ideals.

Finally, Nox reveals itself for what it really is: that part of Evil that is inseparable from Good, which can also be found in people and in the most unthinkable situations. That spark that makes us all imperfect beings.

Volume II - The Artemisia Game

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