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Artistic Compositing

Artistic compositions aimed at creating beautiful images, with or without text. It can be desktop wallpapers, symbols, characters or scenes from a story... images of this type can be used for promotional purposes or even printed, to create paintings or gadgets.


The compositions (also called photomanipulations or "manip"), are created starting from several photographic elements (models, backgrounds, textures, landscapes, objects) joined together in order to create a single scene. Often there can be use of brushes, special effects, or a bit of photobashing (freehand drawing on real photos). Here I prefer the fantasy, sci-fi, dark or mystery themes, as can be seen from the examples in the photo gallery. To get an example of how these manipulations are made, at the bottom of the page there is some speed art video showing the "behind the scenes".


This category may also include lighter photo retouching, photo enhancement, old photo restoration. It all depends on the state of the original source, so don't hesitate to ask for free information!

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